Prototype Camp Chicago

Harrington College of Design

Prototype Camp Chicago delivers a full day of bringing together people who are interested in putting a bit more “build and create” into their craft. Clearly-thought and nearly-there are great places to be!


It Doesn’t Have to Be Finished to Be Awesome

Sometimes getting your idea across is all it takes, but getting your idea across can be daunting. Come spend a Saturday with us and learn how some of the most talented folks on all of the internets are getting their ideas across in various design and development methods!

We'll have a variety of talks on a variety of topics--from research, design, development, and the totally random (we've had a presentation on cupcakes in the past!), you'll learn from people who are building things quickly and iteratively, across just about any medium!

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Keynote Speakers

We are bringing together two of the brightest minds in the industry to share with you what they know about prototyping. You don’t want to miss out on these talks!


A full day of smart people and great topics, book-ended by two of the smartest people in the industry that you will ever meet. Do not delay – register for Prototype Camp Chicago and/or sign-up for your own speaking slot today!

Registration & Breakfast
Jason Kunesh - Morning Keynote
Morning Break
Room: Blue (Main) Red Yellow
Will Hacker Dodging Speed Bumps When You Take Your Prototype on the Road Brittanie Crain Team Work: Axure for Small Teams Axure is for wire-framing only! -- NOT! Ben Lister Designing for Iteration: How we Build Prototypes at Sprout Social
Kamaria Campbell Garbage In, Garbage Out: Optimizing Design Inputs for Successful Prototypes Brett Schilke 3D Printing to Save the World: Kids Prototype to Solve Global Problems Ross Belmont Prototyping Pitfalls
Jon Hadden Communication with Flexible Documentation Jonathan Ozeran The Tail of a Wireless Dog Collar: Building a Hardware Product with a Globally Dispersed Team Nicole Maynard Prototype Testing: Working Smarter Not Harder
Brandon Satrom Goodbye Specs, Hello Prototypes Adam Tramposh Prototyping Glassware Marina Lim Mixing Metaphors: Using a Variety of Research Methods to Solve a Problem
Afternoon Snack
Russ Unger - Afternoon Keynote
Closing Ceremonies


Blue Room

Red Room

Yellow Room


Harrington College of Design

Harrington College of Design

200 West Madison Street, Chicago, IL

In the heart of Chicago’s Loop, great location with lots of local flavor. Hosted in a school for design, Prototype Camp Chicago offers a great setting for learning.

Look over there–we put a map on the page for you!

There are several easy-access parking garages available at in the surrounding blocks.

Coming from out of town? There are a lot of hotels in Chicago’s Loop that may work well for you and we have already done the searching for you! Hotels in the surrounding area are here.

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